About Us

Tigervision create media content for a wide range of organisations and government departments. We create video, broadcast content, TV advertisements and Social  Media content for clients that include The NHS, SES Networks, The BBC, UK Gov, Save the Children and many others.

Video and Film

A film can take your message to the world in an instant, memorable way that no other media can – on the web, on the big screen, on any device. You can tell the world about your company, your services, or anything you’re proud of – or you can use it to talk to your people; to inspire your staff or develop your brand. We will lead you to the right way to tell your story and provide the complete production service to make it happen – from ideas and scripting through to strategy and delivery of finished content.

All of our productions are made to the best possible technical and creative standards – just as the broadcast programmes we also produce. All this means that you can be sure that the final copy you use to get your message across is of the best possible quality.

Broadcast Content and TV Advertising

Tigervision produce high quality TV content including trailers, sponsorship idents, TV advertising and “Video News Releases” for a range of clients.

For most companies TV advertising is a small but important part of their advertising presence. We usually work direct with these clients, offering them a very cost effective and manageable alternative to large agencies for this specific requirement. We’ll come up with the ideas as well as do everything needed to make the commercials to the best quality – and deal with Clearcast on your behalf. Recent clients include Saga, easyJet, Ocean Village, the AA and the Irish Government.

Video News Releases or “VNRs” are inexpensive to produce and are an important element in your communications “toolkit”. The right set of media, prepared in the right way, will help ensure that when you do get broadcast news coverage the stations are showing what you want people to see, not just what they can find or gather themselves.